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Zita Ujhelyi-Sebestyén is a Hungarian multidisciplinary artist and creative service provider. She graduated in 2012 at Apor Vilmos College (AVKF) with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in religion and pedagogy; later in 2018 at Hochschule Design und Kunst (HSLU) started to transfer her self-tough style to new direction in fine art and visual design, developing a unique stylistic approach. 

Her works are often inspired by her time spend in nature, family, society and unique places, where she travelled earlier. Her visual arts practice incorporates studio painting activated with collaborative performance. Sebestyén’s work engages with memories, washy backgrounds, color-forward botanical motifs, abstracts marks and surreal figures – where the creation of fractured realities become allegorical events. She is constantly studying and developing layer-painting, print- and collage making with figurative and abstract motifs. She is trying to use all the freedom what she can get during the process and does not stick to one concrete technique. She uses a wide range of mediums (oil, acrylic, ink, charcoal, pastel and water color, pastels, pencils, cyanotype, inks) and techniques through her working process.

In 2020, she created her own business, called SAHA. This year a new society was born with the world “pandemic”. All these things pushed her to open her inner world and create something bright and different. Since 2021, SAHA has led the international art scene and are gaining increasing acclaim globally. Sebestyén also works as a freelancer: creating pattern design and illustrations.

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"Patterns" Art Show (online exhibition)



"Red" Art Show (online exchibiton)


Luxemburg Art Prize


Swiss Art Expo 

Zürich Hauptbahnhof

ArtBox Project - Catalogue press winner


Teravarna Art Prize (Group show)

6th Flowers art competition, Honorable mentioned

Swiss Art Expo

Zürich Hauptbahnhof

ArtBox Project- digital exhibition

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