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Ujhelyi-Sebestyén-Zita-Switzerland-Zita Ujhelyi-Sebestyén-Ice breaker-19-0Swissartexpo2021

SwissArt Expo 


This artexpo is one of the most known annual exhibition in Switzerland. SAHA was proudly participating with its abstract prints and design in Zürich. 
SAHA had a personal a limited catalogue publication with Zita Ujhelyi-Sebestyén artworks.


ArtTalents Kunstmarkt

2022. November 6.

One of the most well known contemporary art market in Zürich. The best place for networking, collecting or just having fun. Enjoying the time together and look what and who is new on this platform. Come and have look the SAHA works. The cyanotype "ISOLATION" collection was debuted here.