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2021 - 

In this collection I try to combine photography and painting. It’s no secret that nature and its elements often feed my inspiration for my creations. I’m drawn to organic shapes and patterns found in nature, often stopping me in my tracks to quickly whip out the camera and capture their beauty.
For me, they evoke a sense of other worldly fantasy.
My abstract practice is driven by a curiosity for materials and a playful exploration of their potential (often slightly unconventional) uses. 
I rarely work direct from reference images, rather drawing on my own imagination to compose each piece. This allows me the creative freedom I so deeply enjoy when making abstract artworks.
‘Isolation’ is a limited series of very individual medium and small or medium abstracts cyanotype-mixed media packed with tiny details and eye catching aspects that invite you to look deeper in nature as finding the metaphorical meaning of "isolation".

In my process I use cyanotype as a base then watercolor and acrylic.

I really enjoyed (still enjoying) working on this special project.  It gave me an opportunity to be creative and do things a little outside of the box. 

I did a lot of customizations for this project. I also had to balance working on multiple tasks simultaneously such as painting,  taking and editing photos, collage making.  Usually I used watercolor, acrylic paint and medium together with cyanotype, but you will see other materials, which helped me to get the final texture and effect. This experience really made me realize how powerful it feels to bring a specific skillset to a project.

As this is an ongoing project, I am still working on new pieces and future installations. Using clay, for the final touches. Follow me on social media or subscribe to see the news about the full collection and upcoming news.

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