"Patterns" Art Show (online exhibition)

Oktober 2020

"Contemporary" Art Show (online exhibition)

November 2020


"Red" Art Show (online exchibiton)

November 2020




Artistic Profile

My name is Zita Ujhelyi-Sebestyén. I am self-taught, freelance artist based in a beautiful mountain country Switzerland. Originally I am from Hungary, I was born in Budapest. 

I always loved colors, unique fantasy characters in pictures as I love

 to make quick sketches into my notebook. 

Things, which comes

from real experience, but through the artist they belong to their own reality.

I feel close to myself to the abstraction, collage and illustration. I use wide range of mediums and techniques through my works and studying process also with digital camera.

I was influenced by Salvador Dali, Hannah Höch, Nancy Spero, Chagall, Frida Kahlo, Kazimir Malevich and other unknown new wave artists, especially graffity and street art. 

During this pandemic I realized my work is a Stay-At-Home-Art (SAHA).  So I decided to make a name to my small studio and creat a community for this and help other people to be brave, creative and work from home. 


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