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For Kids

There's nothing more fulfilling than learning a new craft and mastering it. In my classes, you’ll be introduced to work tools and methods, practice and develop your skills. Find your inner creative—sign up for one of my classes today.
Minimum 3 persons needs to sign up before the class. Please contact me and book your seat.

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4-12 years kids

If you are already passionate about art and crafts or love create new staff? In my 90min session you can try out yourself in different directions such as print making, collage, painting or textile art, etc.  I set up a room for you in my home studio every month and invite you to come have fun and discover the artistic materials. Just have fun and beyond the limits of imagination just create what you like or makes you happy, play with materials. 

The atelier is open from 2pm - 5pm. The place is small so only 5 kids can fit in one session. One session is 90 min. and cost 35 CHF. 

The class is handled in English and German. Best if you book your place in advanced and make sure that you can have space.

Available dates

April 28th

May 26th

June 15th and 22nd

August 30th

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Creative play with parents

In this mini group your child could develop sensorimotor skills in fun and loving atmosphere. We have creative interactive toys, which are helping the little ones in their growth. You will have a chance to talk with other parents or with me and learn more about early ages development and get ideas what to do with your baby or toddler at home. I organize this activity every second week from 10am - 11:30am. We have an entry fee 25CHF. The best if you book your space in advance, because the place is small, max. 5 kids can fit in one session. 

Available dates:

April 27th

May 11st

May 25th

June 8th

June 22nd

August 24th

Interested in the classes I offer? 

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