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I am a contemporary artist and designer based in the beautiful mountanary Switzerland.

In the last rewarding years, I have been working on my paintings in a self-taught style. I started as a hobby artist mainly using my sketchbooks and experimented with different techniques, until one day I tried myself on canvas. Since that day I have known I must continue my artistic journey on that stage.

I let myself to be driven by the inspiration of life and moments. Most of the time I paint intuitively, using different techniques and media. Experiment and observation is the two most important part of my working process.

My work references various personal events and episodes that have shaped my own connection. One of my creative goal is to inspire the viewer to reconnect with his/her surroundings in a new, undiscovered way.

Since I became a mother, abstraction is one of my favorite way to express myself, but I also make collages, prints, mixed media or digital design. 

Becoming a mother opened a new channel in me and I see the world in a different way. Abstraction has a capacity to find a deeper meaning of art and connect with my kids. Children have a pure and untouched sense to find a perfect match with shapes, colors and texture. 

This gives me inspiration and ability to involve my family into my art. Kids bring their spirit, joy and fun in the artwork.

To sum up I can truly say, I am proud mother, love to discover and leave the beaten track (sometimes). 

 I find it very important to know who is actually the person behind the artwork. Through that story the viewer has a deeper understanding and connection with the creation of the artist. 

 However, family and creativity are the main part of my work. My artistic existence is not limited to these views, rather living in a constant change as life itself.

I see myself as a creative service provider offering new perspectives to the viewer about the different aspects of life.

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